Tuesday, July 21, 2009

P90X - Day 14 - Climbing Back Onto the Wagon

I read somewhere once that it takes three weeks to form a habit. I'm convinced that a significant portion of my brain is dedicated to completely derailing this habit forming process before it ever has a chance to get to the three week mark. Instead of blaming itself, my brain invents all kinds of convenient excuses for why I'm not working out, or eating properly, or writing hilarious things.

Sometimes though, that self destructive asshole portion of your brain needs someone to come along and give it a severe beating. That beating for me took the form of the most brutally sarcastic blog post ever written. In case you missed it, have a look at Bill's post from yesterday.

If you'll recall, our unofficial, official motto on this blog is:

"You can't make a fat person skinny by NOT calling him fat."

Well, Bill used 10 paragraphs yesterday to call me fat. It was a rude awakening for sure, but the thing is, I totally deserved it.

So, what happened?

Well, if you ask my self destructive brain, you'd hear a myriad of excuses ranging from work, to birthday parties, to kids, yard work, etc. The brain has a near limitless capacity to formulate bullshit excuses for just about anything you're trying to accomplish. Excuses that make it seem like you were just about to do something great, but shit, that thing at work came up and I missed my workout.

What really happened was that I started out strong. Working out, eating well, the whole deal. Then, on the second day, something in my brain said, "Shit, looks like he's actually trying to better his life by becoming healthy and fit. We need to put a stop to this." It was a lazy, sugar coated, downhill ride from there.

P90X, my chosen method of torture, consists of a daily workout (sometimes two) and a diet change. The diet change involves eating "approved" foods according to which phase of the program you're on. I’ll write more about that soon. Diet and exercise... seems reasonable.

After the first day, I missed three workouts for the week. The following week, I missed another three workouts. The only thing I was doing with the diet change was to eat less. Mostly. So out of 14 workouts, I did 8 of them, and I ate slightly less.

Result? The most sarcastic re-motivating blog post ever by Bill, (who I totally hate now.) Oh, and a net weight loss in two weeks of exactly 2 pounds. Awesome.

What's Next?

Let's be clear about something here, finding your hidden six-pack is incredibly fucking difficult. But, I really really want to see mine. So, I'm officially back ON the wagon.

Tomorrow's workout is called Plyometrix, which means: Jump Training. I literally can't wait.


  1. I'm excited to find my hidden six pack too!
    Bring that shit on Saturday, yo!

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